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Contracting Through JobsinFuelCells.com

Why Use Contractors?
Many companies have manpower restrictions, precluding them from hiring additional employees. Yet, their workload is heavy and steady, and can be overburdening to already loaded workers. What are these companies doing to work through their immediate conflicts between manning and production?

Contracting Options
JobsinFuelCells.com has reacted to the growing need for contract employment. Through our contracting service acting as the legal Employer of Record, we can provide to employers, options for clients preferring contracting, or those not ready, or unable, to bring on full-time employees, including:

  • temporary contract assignments, and
  • contract-to-hire

Outsource Your Employment Headaches

...Shift the Administrative Burden
Our "back office" will handle all of the financial and administrative responsibilities associated with contract employees.
You submit the contractor's weekly timesheet, and:
          We process the employee's weekly payroll.
          We handle payment of taxes.
          We handle payment of insurance.
          We take care of workers' compensation.

...Reduce Your Staffing Costs
You avoid many of the fixed and variable employment costs associated with having employees (e.g., insurance, state and federal taxes, worker's compensation, unemployment taxes, medical benefits issues, 401(k) issues, human resource issues, legal issues, accounting procedures, payroll processing, etc.)

...Enjoy the Benefits of Flexible Staffing
You have the ability to recruit, identify, and hire qualified workers, without the headaches of having employees. You also can easily terminate any worker's assignment. Basically, you can easily increase or decrease your workforce whenever you desire.

...Reduce Your Employer Liability
As the Employer of Record your outsourced workers, our back office assumes responsibility for all employer and employee tax withholdings, worker's compensation, unemployment taxes, cobra deadlines, etc.

...Eliminate IRS risks associated with sole proprietors (1099) and incorporated workers.
Before hiring a worker as a 1099 independent contractor, companies are advised to use a compliance test based on the famous "IRS 20-Point Questions." In those cases when the company is directing the activities of the worker, the IRS will view the worker as an employee and issue heavy fines for misclassification. Therefore, the company is well advised to enlist the services of an Employer of Record service to ensure that the worker is properly classified in order to meet IRS approval. The Employer of Record service will pay the worker as a traditional W-2 employee and verify that all taxes are properly deducted and paid.

Benefits to Contract Employees
A wide range of employee benefits are offered to attract and retain top contract talent, the majority of which can be pre-taxed payroll deductions (again,handled by our "back office").
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Accidental Death and
    Dismemberment Insurance
  • 401(k) Savings Plan
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Voluntary Indemnity Plan
  • Cancer Protector Plan
  • Intensive Care Protection Plan

What are the fees to the employer?
We offer competitive markups for fees, and with the simple processing and benefits to the contractors, our contracting services are very attractive.

How Do We Get Started?
We have qualified contractors available for immediate assignment throughout the United States. For your urgent contract needs, call us or e-mail JobsinFuelCells.com.


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